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As you are all aware, the “Emerging Oromo Leaders Summit” was planned to take place from February 21 to February 23, 2014, in Atlanta, GA. However, since the announcement of this summit, we have been getting several requests daily from potential attendees asking us to postpone the summit to a later date. Among the reasons given, shared by almost everyone, was that there wasn’t enough time given to plan on attending this summit.

After careful deliberation, the organizing committee believes it is in the best interest of everyone, if this summit is postponed to another date. The new date and place will be announced by the planning committee as soon as the logistical work has been completed. For this, it is with great regret that we inform all of you who were planning to attend the summit this coming February, that the event will be postponed to a date yet to be determined and announced very soon. Those who have already registered don’t need to register again when we announce the new dates and venue.

Thank you all,

The organizing committee

Emerging Oromo Professionals and Academics Summit



As a nation, the Oromo people are at historical transition between the gallant and revolutionary generation of the 70s and the rising leaders of the “Qubee Generation” who are energized to shoulder the responsibility of advancing the Oromo succession. To carry out this generational inauguration collectively and competently, the time currently calls for a national and international gathering of rising Oromo leaders. Hence an interactive 3-day conference will bring together emerging leaders from diverse and contemporary fields to critically respond to themes of Oromo history, current community status and the future goals anticipated for the emerging Oromo leaders of the future. The objectives of the conference are threefold:

To Network

To Network

Actively facilitate personal and professional interaction between emerging Oromo leaders.

To Understand

To Understand

Develop common understanding on the main issues concerning the Oromo.

To Build

To Build

Devise practical strategies that effectively coordinate and execute new and ongoing initiatives.

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